Sprouts, Carrots and a Nudibranch

The world of knitting and crochet is full of wonder and delight. There is literally nothing that some creative person hasn’t knitted or crocheted… from Star Wars characters (yay!) to the Knight Bus for Harry Potter, to full-on armour and hobbit costumes, I am always amazed at the creative activity of people with needles and hooks.

Sprouts andĀ Carrots

Crochet Carrots


I just love these! Two very creative people šŸ™‚

Crochet Sprouts

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The yarn crafts can soothe our minds and calm our souls. I’ll be writing more about mindfulness and wool in the coming months.

What’s a nudibranch? So glad you asked (unless you’re a marineĀ biologist, in which caseĀ you already know!)

And there’s me thinking she was a slug!


With love, as always