Urban | Transition

People watching. One of my favourite pass times. Everyone is just so interesting, which is why I love travelling on public transport. Making up stories about other people fills my head on long and short journeys; where are they going? Where have they been? Who are they seeing? It all leads me down avenues for my work.

These pieces explore the places of my childhood and adolescence. I was born in London and my parents moved to Kent when I was small, but with both lots of grandparents still in town, we travelled back to London very often. By the age of 14 or so, I began to travel by myself by train, and so Waterloo Station became a place of familiarity and comfort. One grandad lived in Bayliss Road. This is my territory. For 25 years I lived in Woking, and Waterloo is the next stop on the fast train. My work reflects the people and the architecture of the familiar and the ordinary.

I particularly wanted to use my iPhone 6S to capture the initial pieces, as I wanted to blend in with my surroundings without drawing attention to myself. The work was then edited and manipulated using a variety of different apps.

The Escalator
Escalator Flow
Clapham Junction 2017
Clapham Junction 2017
Waterloo Station