Books and Other Publications

‘The Cat Brought In A Live Pigeon – A Student Guide to A Level Art & Design’ – Available now from

‘Bugger…er..Oh Dear!… I Failed My Exams‘ – A practical guide to surviving ‘failure’ and moving on – available now from

Not Another Scarf – A Collection of easy crochet patterns for beginners

Future publications:

An Analogue Adventure: A journey exploring the delights of old film cameras – due August 2019

‘It Looks Like  A Lobster – A Guide to Teaching Art & Design in Primary Schools’ – Due December 2019

‘Conversations With the Silver Goddess’ – One woman’s insight into spirituality through the friendship of a crack-addicted prostitute – due Dec 2019

‘The Yellow Sock’ – a very silly collection of short stories, co-authored with Paul Ward –  Due November 2019

The 9th Dragon – A Fantasy – due August2019