Singing Along…

Paper plate weaving

This week’s craft class at Woking’s fabulous LinkAble was just wonderful! We all ended up singing and dancing which lifted my mood no end. I run the class each week for young people with learning disabilities, and each time I come home smiling. There’s something about helping other people develop their creativity through art and craft that is so rewarding.

This week we made window charms from paper plates and weaving. Such an easy little project that can be adapted to each participant. Decorating the plate first means that you only have to weave a small amount, and it looks good. I’m all for quick results now and then.

We chose bright colours as it was a grey day, and whilst we created we sang along to a variety of songs from a rather eclectic playlist! The session was enhanced by the addition of a few students from Farnborough 6th form college who were doing some voluntary service as part of their Volunteering Week 2017 #volunteeringweek2017 . They were so enthusiastic and went home with their own window charm!


A Simple Pleasure…

I’m missing one of my favourite pass times, knitting whilst curled up on the sofa with the real fire glowing and a cat on my lap… I’ve hurt my elbow and my right hand is very painful… so I can’t knit or crochet for a little while. It’s given me time to sort out and finish a few patterns that I’ve been working on 🙂

Short post today as many things to do…


The Creative Splash

Sometimes you just have to dive in. No more worrying about what might happen, no more lists for and against. No more dithering and finding other ‘important’ things to do. Dive in. Yes, it’s scary and you’ll feel anxious, but it’s the only way… as you know 🙂

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing about how you can develop your creativity by coming out of all that is cosy and comfy. I’ll guide you through the scary bits so that you can develop and grow your creative spirit. I’ll suggest videos to watch and books to read, and things to do… let’s go on a journey….

Freedom through Creativity. Live your dream joyfully.