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Band costumes for Grease
Band costumes for Grease

Craft has a interesting image. It never seems to be taken seriously for one… When I tell people I paint, they are conjuring up an image in their heads… often romantic and a bit ethereal… but when I tell people that I’m a dress maker or costume designer, there is a different reaction… and when I tell people I sew a bit, they tend to switch off completely! So, depending on the company, and the reaction I want, I change accordingly.

I recently completed a rather exciting wedding dress (pictures below) in a sumptious peacock blue dupion silk with tailored jacket… it was designed to dance in (jive, mainly), and so had a bit of a 1950s feel to it. From design concept to completion probably took around 15 hours… more time than many of my larger sea and city scapes, and was considerably more complicated!

The band were asked to do a Grease theme birthday party… so I just had to make myself a red & white polka dot dress!

As an artist/designer/crafter(?) I have reached a conclusion that I just like making stuff, and actually, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a tea cosy, a costume for a ball, an exciting cityscape or a patchwork throw made up of small bits of old Indian fabric found in a bin liner in Camden Market….

So, if I want to impress a sophisticated audience, then I’m an artist (darling)… but usually I can’t be bothered.

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