On the Gathering of Thoughts and stuff

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I spent today at UCA Epsom… in my days it was called an Art College, and everyone knew what that meant. I went to Maidstone College of Art… now called UCA Maidstone…. anyway, enough nostalgia.. it was fab. Even with my Year 10s! I spent the WHOLE day drawing. Bliss. They even gave us lunch.

It made me consider (again) my desire to go back to college (OK, University) and do an MA in Fine Art. Completely useless and totally absorbing, I think.

I’m still planning an exhibition. This has now been in the planning stage for about 30 years, but hey… TONS of ideas, some even finished and many in various stages of completedness.  Lots of the sea and lots of London..  Now I just need to get on with it!

Thank you to my inspirational friends…

From Brighton

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