Of Bags and other yummy things..

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I love bags! All sorts. Big roomy ones, small dainty ones; elegant silk, baggy velvet. Bags made from scraps of left over material that I just can’t throw away…. so, I decided to make a few bags this week from an old sheet, a torn bit of curtain and a pair of pyjamas…. Hope you like them!

The best handmade bag website by far is Lisa Lam’s  www.U-Handbag.com It’s brilliant!

Our conservatory is at last finished, and so I’m thinking about table mats, runners and lush cushions…. hmmm

One thought on “Of Bags and other yummy things..”

  1. Aren’t you clever? I am hugely impressed! I would love to do something crafty but finding the window is the problem.

    Who would have thought the directions we would have taken, from our little bunker in Lake House?!

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