Happy New Year to All….

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Hello Blog friends

The last week has been a whirl of activity… the first ever PTFS Christmas party (all six of us)… fab time at the wonderful Archdukes on the South bank… amid lots of champagne…

… and the wedding! We had the final dress fitting on Monday, just as Monty knocked over the Christmas tree.. so with Jonathan hoovering up more broken baubles, I finished the dress… and Cath looked stunning!

Tons to do this year, and all so exciting! I’ll be working on Phillip’s painting tomorrow… all Phthalo greens and Prusian blue.. then a bit more on the C&G course stuff.. oh, and back to school on Tuesday!

Hope you have all made exciting resolutions… lots of love

PS There’s more photos of Cath’s wedding on my Facebook (plus a few of Jonathan dancing the Cumberland Reel)

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