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“Most images zoom past us unnoticed. Lost amidst a million others. We make rapid decisions as to the importance or triviality of the subject and move on. Always moving on. I want to encourage a slowing down. To create time for reflection, consideration and thoughtfulness. To encourage second and third glances. I want to create a piece that connects us to a more subtle form of consciousness, of memory, longing, desire.”  

Cate Field February 2017

Brighton’s Jubilee Street Library – 24th – 30th April 2017

I’m very happy to be showing my work in Brighton with Susan Merrick and Hilary Champion. I’ll be showing new, current work inspired by this fabulous city.

Outside the Library in Jubilee Square


Symposium discussing current work with Susan Merrick and Hilary Champion – UCA Farnham – Tuesday 28th February 2pm.

Statement – An exhibition exploring communication –  Friday 10th – Sunday 12th February – Atelier Tammam, Hastings Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 9PZ

London Exhibition February