How to Commission Your Idea….

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant

You may have seen my portfolio and now want my services for an illustration or fine art project. Whooppeee!

For make up and styling please click here.

I now need a brief covering exactly what you need.

Help in writing your brief… it’s to help me!

Budget and Deadline?

We don’t want to spend time planning a project that doesn’t really work for both of us. I may have a busy schedule and can’t meet your deadline, or the time it would take me would take you over your budget… 🙁

However, briefs can be altered, deadlines moved and payments staged… it will depend on the specific project….

But… sometimes there can be no give, and so we have to part, and better that this is known at the beginning…. And we could perhaps work together another time…

What style?


I have a style to all my illustrations. But there are slight differences….

  • Illustrations of fantasy landscapes using colouring pencil and ink
  • Line drawings – ink
  • ‘Realistic’ illustrations – gouache, pencil and ink

Please don’t confuse style with content! If you don’t see an illustration of a partridge in a pear tree in my portfolio, it doesn’t mean I am unable to draw it. It sounds a bit silly, but I have had some odd enquiries!

Please base you style requirement on what you see in my portfolio. If the style you have in mind is not there… then sadly it may be best for you to look somewhere else…

What do you want to do with it?

Is it for print, web, brand, logo? Or an illustration for a story?

Other bits and pieces

Illustrations for print – I’ll need the printer’s specifications for set up. I can liaise with your printer directly if necessary.

Fine Art and Textiles

I have two distinct styles as you may have seen from my folio

  • Abstract, fantasies in mixed media including stitch, ink, paint – usually on canvas that can be hung directly onto your wall
  • Textile, embroidered pieces with hand-stitching and beading that can be framed or hung on battens.

What’s it For?

Is it to hang in your home? Or an office? Hotel? Restaurant?


Please contact me for a chat about what you want, and hopefully we can both be happy!

Hope this helps.