My latest work explores the contrasts and similarities of life in the city and life by the rural coast. I’ve lived in towns all my life, but have always escaped to the sea or the mountains when I need time to think and reset.

I like to work with all sorts of different media. Over the last two years, whilst completing my MA Fine Art at UCA (Farnham), I’ve been working with digital media, exploring the places that have special meanings to me, and using both sound and visuals I create pieces that resonate with the people I connect with.

With my Masters now finished, I am returning to textiles for a while, and have begun a series of pieces using recycled fabrics. I continue to explore the history of knitting and crochet, and collect the stories of those for whom this craft was their way of being ‘mindful’.

Our processing of sensory information is not passive. Our brains generate our experiences. When something is experienced in isolation, we struggle to find context, and the paradox is that our perception of the ‘real’ world is always based on our idiosyncratic understandings, our prejudices and our emotions.

I like to connect people; bringing them together and observe what happens. My events and workshops combine the practical aspects of the visual arts (doing, making) with the art of spontaneous conversation.



My films can be seen on my YouTube channel click here

Explorations of ancient, sacred sites, graveyards, cemeteries and other places with ‘history’ have inspired me. In my recent work I have combined paint, photography and film to create pieces that evoke a sense of time. My soundscapes are derived from the layering of spoken and sung voices, and the sounds recorded on location. They can be found on Soundcloud. Please have a listen.


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