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Bring on the yarn! Let’s have a party… I love Autumn. The colours, the fresh air, even the fog. It’s the time to snuggle on the sofa and knit, crochet and sew… or read a book about knitting, crocheting or sewing 🙂

My current book is all about romance. Gorgeous clothes and bits for your home. I’m currently testing out patterns with a fabulous bunch of people, and will all set to go for the new year.
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Now time for a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Our processing of sensory information is not passive. Our brains generate our experiences. When something is experienced in isolation, we struggle to find context, and the paradox is that our perception of the ‘real’ world is always based on our idiosyncratic understandings, our prejudices and our emotions.

I like to connect people; bringing them together and observe what happens. My events and workshops combine the practical aspects of the visual arts (doing, making) with the art of spontaneous conversation.